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DUI – First Offense

Consequences of a First Time DUI/DWI in Alabama

DUI/DWI charges in Alabama are serious, even for first offenders. A person arrested for a first offense of DUI/DWI in Alabama usually loses their driving privileges for 90 days. Further, a first offense for DUI/DWI can result in fines up to $2,100, court costs of at least $500, a one-year jail sentence, and a drug and alcohol assessment.

If the person had .15 or higher blood-alcohol content (BAC), an ignition interlock device will be installed in that person’s car. When an interlock device is installed, fines are doubled!

Start By Scheduling a Free Consultation With Matthew Jackson

To successfully challenge the charges against you, you must have a seasoned DUI/DWI attorney in Alabama examine the details of your case. Call today to schedule a FREE consultation with me. This must be done well in advance of your first court date.

During your consultation, I will explain in detail how I can fight to get you out of your first DUI/DWI charge in Alabama. Common strategies can involve:

During the free initial consultation my legal team  and I will review the details of your case and we will determine the scope of work and how much it will cost to fight for you in court.

Pleading “Not Guilty” to a First-Time DUI/DWI Charge in Alabama

To beat a first-time DUI/DWI in Alabama, you will need a lawyer who understands the prosecution’s conviction strategy. One of the most common tactics used by prosecutors is to focus on the defendant’s mental and physical condition while driving to prove they were intoxicated. Another tactic concentrates on the driver’s blood alcohol levels (BAC), essentially ignoring the driver’s mental or physical condition.

Prosecutors must prove that you were driving above the legal limit beyond a reasonable doubt. When an officer has reasonable suspicion that a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can require that person to perform a roadside breath or field sobriety test. If the driver fails either of these tests, they are taken to a police station or hospital for further testing.

However, errors are often made during roadside tests and even urine and blood testing. If you have been charged with a DUI/DWI in Alabama for the first time, time is of the essence. It is crucial that you contact an experienced lawyer willing to fight for your rights and discuss your defense options.

The Cost of a First-Time DUI/DWI In Alabama

The average total cost of a first-time DUI/DWI in Alabama is approximately $10,000 after fines, court costs, and attorney’s fees. However, new DUI/DWI laws and penalties are introduced each year. With those new laws come increasing costs. The impact on a person’s finances does not end with fines and attorney’s fees. First-time DUI/DWI offenders typically pay for drug and alcohol testing, drug and alcohol classes, and probation fees. DUI/DWI offenders must also fork out more money to car insurance agencies, which dramatically raises costs after a DUI/DWI conviction.

But that’s just the start. Some first-time offenders must pay for an Ignition Interlock Device, which costs anywhere from $100-$400 to install and requires monthly maintenance payments. Many first-time offenders must also pay for a restricted driving license and other ongoing fees associated with their first DUI/DWI charge.

Don’t Delay, Call Today

The cost of a first-time DUI/DWI in Alabama can reach tens of thousands of dollars when all is said and done. That’s why it is so very important to contact a knowledgeable DUI attorney who knows how to get your DUI/DWI charges thrown out or dismissed. The alternative could be a lifetime of debt and a serious charge on your permanent record. Call me today at 205-358-8623 or fill out a contact form at Contact Us. I am here to fight for you!

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