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Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Attorney in Birmingham, AL

Criminal charges can completely transform your life, leaving you with hefty fines, potential jail time, and a marred record. However, if you work with the right criminal defense attorney, it may be possible to avoid these and other repercussions.

Attorney Matthew T. Jackson is passionate about defending the rights of his clients. He has the extensive experience and skill to provide an effective combination of caring legal counsel and aggressive courtroom representation. He is the ideal criminal defense attorney to have at your side as you navigate Alabama’s complex criminal justice system.  Call now at 205-358-8623 for your free initial consultation.

Defending You Against Misdemeanors Charges

Those accused of committing misdemeanor crimes often fail to understand just how serious these charges can be. Although misdemeanors may seem of little consequence, sentencing for misdemeanors can lead to the following:

Misdemeanors can further damage your future as they may show up on background checks for government services and employment.

Birmingham criminal defense lawyer Matthew T. Jackson handles a wide array of misdemeanor cases, including shoplifting, vandalism, drug possession (including marijuana, cocaine and meth), trespassing, and disorderly conduct, among other charges. He also works extensively in DUI law. With his assistance, it is possible for alleged DUI offenders to avoid license revocation and a variety of other criminal repercussions.

Felony Charges & Other Serious Crimes

From robbery to rape and everything in between, felony charges can be devastating. In addition to thousands of dollars in fines, these criminal charges may be accompanied by significant jail time, followed by lengthy probationary periods as well as a tarnished record.

Your legal strategy will depend greatly on the nature of the charges you are facing, as well as your prior criminal history. In some cases, the best approach involves aiming for reduced charges. If this is your preferred strategy, criminal defense attorney Matthew T. Jackson can assist with the plea bargaining process and potentially have your felony reduced to a misdemeanor. If you believe you have been wrongfully accused, his thorough investigative efforts and zealous courtroom approach may lead to dropped charges or a not guilty verdict. Call for your free consultation now at 205-358-8623.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

Well aware of the harsh nature of the Alabama criminal justice system and the many repercussions that can accompany criminal charges, Matthew T. Jackson works hard to ensure that his clients receive the high-quality legal support they deserve. His efforts have resulted in numerous sentence reductions and case dismissals.

Whether you have been accused of committing a petty misdemeanor or a serious felony, it is imperative that you get in touch with Criminal attorney Matthew Jackson. We are available 24/7 at 205-358-8623 or fill out the online form and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

The sooner he is on hand to provide aggressive representation, the better your chances are of avoiding harsh criminal penalties.

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